Sunday, 13 September 2015

Terminator: TSCC Season 2 Episode 17 ‘Ourselves Alone' Review

The damage to Cameron from the car explosion reappears via a malfunction in her hand. Meanwhile Riley’s cover story begins to falter; will John discover her secret at last?

While trying to remove a pigeon from the Connor homestead, Cameron accidentally kills it. Her hand malfunctioned and instead of releasing the bird she crushes it. Cameron enlists John to help her repair her hand. In the process of helping her, John becomes aware that Cameron has been hoarding spare parts from defeated Terminators. Cameron had been instructed to destroy any parts of future technology by Sarah but she has ignored that order, due to receiving an earlier order from the future John Connor to save some.

This bizarre order is interesting as it raises questions about the sanity of future John Connor. Jessie has come back in time to correct the path of John Connor as she believes that in the future he is making bad decisions, is she correct? John has always questioned his ability to lead humanity successfully, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts now that he is receiving evidence to suggest he was right to worry.

Cameron’s arm isn’t the only part of her to be damaged. John begins to notice that she is acting strangely again, such as asking for his help to repair herself when she doesn’t need any. He asks her what is going on with her and she is unable to give him an answer. Given his concerns she makes him a detonator, which is wired up to an explosive in her brain. As he leaves Cameron he finds another dead bird outside, showing that the repair on her arm was not successful.

Riley has returned to hang out with John again, following her suicide attempt. Sarah is worried about the lack of information she has on Riley and decides to investigate her. Upon visiting her foster home and ‘social worker’ (Jessie) she discovers that Riley has been screaming about ‘Bleached Skulls’ in the future. John insists that he didn’t tell Riley about Judgement Day but Sarah doesn’t believe him. A legitimate social worker then appears at the home to question the Connors, having been tipped off by a mysterious source.

John attempts to question Riley but she insists she didn’t tell the authorities. Cameron also confronts Riley and cannot decide whether she should kill her or not, worrying John about the decisions that future Cameron will make. Even if Cameron promised not to kill her, could she be trusted? After all, she promised not to kill the pigeon in the chimney.

While Sarah and John are distracted, Riley rushes off having realised that Jessie was the one to call the authorities. Riley figured out that Jessie’s plan was to split up Cameron and John by encouraging Cameron to kill Riley. Upon Jessie admitting the plan, Riley and her fight. Unfortunately Riley kills Jessie in the struggle. It will be interesting to see the fallout from this fight. Jessie’s original plan has fallen apart following the death of Riley so she will have to adapt her strategy. Will she frame Cameron for the death or come up with another plan entirely?

Riley’s death is not the only issue Jessie is facing. Derek had asked for Jessie help in grabbing a lawyer who may have ties with Skynet. Due to her fight with Riley, Jessie was unable to arrive to help him. Derek is likely to have some pretty serious questions about her absence, how will she be able to answer them?

‘Ourselves Alone’ finally moves forward the Riley/Jessie situation, which I am very happy about. At times this storyline has felt a bit slow and directionless. Whatever happens now there will have to be a resolution of some sort. It’s also nice to see Cameron’s bizarre behaviour questioned once again. 

This episode isn’t especially amazing by itself but it does move the story on in ways which are pretty interesting. There is a building feeling that ‘Terminator: TSCC’ is working towards something; I just hope that with only five episodes remaining the show runners managed to achieve what they wanted to do in time.

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